Welcome! Phil Watlington is the Global Trend Writer

"Globalization is really about much more than commercial transactions and international economics. It is about opening doors and getting to know people around the world. It is about learning to work together and coming to the colossal realization that we are all dependent on each other. To a degree, we are each others' keeper—whether we like it or not.

"A focus on globalization as an opportunity, rather than a threat, is absolutely required for individuals and firms to effectively compete and win in the new global economy!"

Strategic planner and economic visionary, Phil Watlington has his finger on the pulse of global trends—trends that are changing the economics of large and small businesses alike, trends that are raising women to places of historic leadership, and trends that are changing our global economy into a more competitive and yet smaller arena. The ideas and writings of Watlington are refreshingly bold—expect to be delighted and inspired. Through his consulting practice, Watlington's keen understanding of the new global community is helping individuals and businesses thrive in this transitional period in history called globalization.

Watlington is the author of two important books including his most recent title: The Rise of Powerful, Influential, and Caring Women. Watlington features exceptional and powerful female leaders in America and around the world, including the first Four Star General in U.S. Military History, Ann Dunwoody, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Harvard University President Ms. Drew Gilpin, and many others. But, more than an expose on great women, the book reveals why this monumental step in the history of powerful female leadership is not only refreshing, but crucial to our future as citizens of the new interconnected global community. Further, Watlington reveals the tools women need to become risk takers, change makers, global thinkers, and most importantly—women in charge.

"On occasion, women may still be defined by gender rather than knowledge, experience, and ability to make a difference," says Watlington. "Don’t wait for the gender storm to pass; learn to dance in the rain. If it can be done, you can do it! You now have a choice! It is 'The Age of Women.'" READ MORE

Watlington's first book, The World Is At Your Door, is a timely and important guidebook for understanding and responding to globalization’s intoxicating economic, political, and social challenges (and opportunities)—with creativity, imagination and “new-age innovation.”

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  • Education—The Great Equalizer
  • How to Survive and Find Success in Highly Competitive Global Markets
  • Understanding 21st Century Globalization, Its History and Future, and Its Impact on You